Garden City Pest Control

EcoSense Pest Control Technician explaining our service to one of our customers.

Looking for a pest control service in Garden City, Id? Search no more! We provide the best pest control service in Garden City. We are experts in extermination and pest removal. At EcoSense, a Garden City Pest Control Company, we provide a full range of pest control services to keep your home and property free from pests. From spider control to ant control, we have a solution for every pest problem. We also offer various other services, like extermination and monitoring, to keep your home healthy and free from pests. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and get started on your pest control plan!

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Garden City Pest Control

Looking for a pest control service in Garden City, Id? Search no more! We provide the best pest control service in Garden City. We are experts in extermination and pest removal. At EcoSense, a Garden City Pest Control Company, we provide a full range of pest control services to keep your home and property free from pests. From spider control to ant control, we have a solution for every pest problem. We also offer various other services, like extermination and monitoring, to keep your home healthy and free from pests. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and get started on your pest control plan!

Garden City Pest Control and Extermination

EcoSense Pest Control and Extermination Experts specialize in commercial and home pest control and extermination with quality service. We offer various services to meet your pest needs, such as roach treatment, spider control, ant control, rodent removal, bed bug treatment plans, and many more! In addition, we offer full-service pest management plans for your home and business!

Pest Control Services Needed In Garden City

We are local to the region, and we know and are constantly keeping up with the changes in pest problems in the area. That is because it changes every year. The weather patterns can change it and new construction in the area. One year we could have more mice problems than ever, and the following year it could be everyone needing our Garden City Mosquito Treatment plan. That is why we have pest control solutions for so many types of pest issues.

EcoSense Pest Control – Garden City

We provide different pest control treatments, and our most popular is our seasonal pest control treatment plan. With this, every time we come out and treat your home, aside from particular pest problems, we focus on the current and future seasonal pests. If there are any preventative treatments that we can do to protect against the following season, we will do it. And we will treat for whatever the current pest problem is of the season that we are out. This approach will keep you pest-free year-round!

We offer Eco Pest Control Options

We also offer eco pest services when requested. We know not all of our customers care for eco-friendly solutions, and we fully understand that, but we have these pest solutions for those who do! We offer safe, environmentally friendly pest control services. These eco pest control methods use all-natural products that are safe for the environment and pet-safe. We are helping you stay confident, knowing you are not exposing your family to harmful toxins with our environmentally friendly products. Let us help protect your home and the surrounding environment with eco-friendly pest management!

General Pest Control

If you need general pest control in Garden City, you found the best! You don’t need a pest infestation to enjoy our services; you might want to ensure that you do not get a pest problem! Our company’s general pest control is designed to solve the most common issues that arise in homes and businesses all across the greater Boise, Id area. And we are happy to provide general pest control for any sign of pests or just overall insect prevention.

Commercial Pest Control

We handle commercial pest control in Garden City for many types of businesses and pests. The types of businesses that we take care of include, but are not limited to, commercial kitchens, restaurants, realtors, grocery stores, warehouses, and more. Contact us for specific pest control needs to find out more about our commercial pest control in Garden City, Id, and request a free estimate!

A Garden City Pest Control Company with Unbeatable Rates Plus Guaranteed Pest Services

We stand behind our work and will be fair in our pricing. Other Pest Control Companies will nickel and dime you and charge you more than they say. We are not like the other pest control companies, we will be upfront about pricing right from the beginning, and we offer a guarantee on our services. When you pay us to take care of a pest problem, you can know we will resolve it!

Home Pest Control

We’ll solve your pest control issues wherever they happen at home. Your home is your refuge, and we aim to make sure that refuge is not shared with unwanted guests, pests. Now we can not stop your crazy in-laws from coming over, but we can eliminate the bugs! We aim to make sure the plan reflects the individual needs you have. We want you to get results, a home pest-free, and we want them fast. You can count on us to get the job done!

Why should you hire exterminators in Garden City?

As a Garden City, Id resident or business owner, you should know if a pest infestation happens, it can get worse. Anything from mice to bed bugs or even spiders and ants, they can take over before you know it. It is essential to understand that a pest infestation rarely starts as a full-fledged infestation.
Pest infestations usually start slowly, and if you suspect an issue, it’s often gotten to a very severe point. That is why we have professional extermination services in Garden City to help solve your problem quickly and efficiently before it can get out of hand! In addition, the sooner you contact a local pest control company like EcoSense for a free inspection, the less damage there will be when they arrive.

What is a pest?

A pest can be any living organism that intrudes in your home and causes a threat to you, your family, or your property. This includes rodents, insects, spiders, and more! The sooner you identify problem, the better. That is why we offer Garden City pest services and solutions right away!

Best of the Best Garden City Pest Control Companies

You can see the reviews of our highly trained local pest control company vs. the other Garden City pest control companies to see why we come highly recommended. With our unmatched great service, comprehensive plans, and extreme customer satisfaction, along with our ability to take care of a pest issue fast, it is no question why our residential and commercial customers love our services! This is why we believe our customers when they say we are the best pest control company in Garden City.

We will eliminate your pest problem

Whether it is common pests or not-so-common pests, our local experts are happy to help. We do not mind getting to where the problem is, even if it is your crawl space. There are no hiding places that our treatments can not reach!
Our residential and commercial clients in Garden City know that we do what it takes to eliminate the problem, typically on the initial service, and stop any potential recurring infestations in Id homes and businesses! We are only a call away for your free inspection and a free estimate for your home or business for pest control in Boise, Id.

Ant Exterminator

Ants can seem like a nuisance, but these pests can cause real trouble. Some ants, such as carpenter ants, can destroy the wood in your home. They do not eat the wood; they hollow it out to make a home. And as they outgrow certain areas, we call these carpenter ant galleries. Then they will move on to another section of wood to hollow out. Unlike most common pests, these can cause structural damage to your home, and you should call us right away if you see these pests.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs will never be your wanted guests. Bed bugs are small, and many people have trouble finding them, but they often confuse them with fleas and ticks when they do. While fleas and ticks can spread diseases, unless allergic, bed bugs cause marks from the bites and terrorize people at night, they might not spread disease, but the mental anguish from sleep deprivation can be just as bad in some.
These blood-sucking bed bugs will bite and suck blood from your body as you sleep. Some experience very mild reactions where they might not even notice the bite, but others will have red or pink welts. These can itch for days or weeks without relief if left untreated. That is why it is always best to contact us to get on the schedule right away. Bed bugs are known to spread fast throughout the house and even travel with you to work and other friends and families’ places! Remember, EcoSense is only a call away to make your home pest-free!

Hornet and Wasp Removal

These stinging insects aren’t a good companion. Usually, it’s a cause of stress or discomfort for the family. They can make it to where you do not even want to go into your yard. These particular stinging insects can even cause fatalities in allergic individuals. We have treatment methods to eliminate these from your property, so you no longer have to worry about yellow jackets chasing you around again. We will also provide a wasp nest removal service when possible!

Rodent Control

Rodents such as mice can grow their population fast in your home. They are set when they find a safe place to live, a water source, and a food source. If you have pets, that means they have food and water, and your home is their safe space. Unfortunately, rodents can destroy your home and even cause a house fire when they start eating on electrical wires! Not only that, but mice and other rodents can also spread germs and other harmful diseases.
We offer rodent control and rodent extermination services using the best methods in the pest control industry. Rodent control also involves rodent-proofing your home or business. We will search for any possible entry point in our rodent exclusion services to ensure the rodents can not return. Call us today. Our highly-trained rodent control experts provide free inspections for these troublesome pests.

Roach Control Services

When you start seeing roaches in your kitchen, it is time to call us. A roach infestation can quickly get out of hand, and they will be all over the house before too long. We use modern methods to eradicate roaches and other pests from your home or business. In addition, we can use our integrated pest management approach to help ensure this type of problem does not happen again, from german roaches to American roaches.

Spider Control

Spiders can help reduce pests, but they can also be a pest. Spiders such as black widows can be a danger to have around. Black widows can live happily under your furniture, in your garage, under your eves and overhangs, anywhere they can feel safe and find a food source. We exterminate black widow spiders to keep your family safe from these types of pest problems.

Box Elder Bugs

Box Elder Bugs are among the most annoying pests. Boxelder bugs eat on female boxelder trees and other types of maples, as well as ash, elms, grapes, and willows. These pests can grow into a full infestation and head into your home or business. They also cause property damage from the staining they leave behind from the feces when that occurs. If you have a boxelder infestation, contact us right away to get on the schedule to help get rid of them!

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can make any backyard get-together miserable. Not only is it hard to enjoy relaxing outside when you have to swat the mosquitoes, but the knowledge of the danger makes things even worse! Mosquitoes can carry many diseases, such as Zika and West Nile viruses. Our company provides mosquito control treatments to keep these pests away and out of your yard!
More than just protecting your home, we also help protect you and your family every year with our pest control services. You can rest easy knowing our highly trained technicians treat your home or business for all of these pests.

Your best choice for full-service pest control

As you can see, we are your best choice for a full-service pest control company in Garden City, Id. With our expert technicians and effective pest control services, there is no problem too big or small for us to fix. No longer will your home become a haven for these pests where they can multiply and destroy whatever they please. With our private, professional consultation, free inspection, free quote, and guarantee, you do not have anything to lose…except the pests! Contact us today!

We are a local company in Treasure Valley!

If you live or work outside of this area, and need our pest control services, contact us and get on the schedule! We provide professional Pest Control in Boise, Id, Meridian Pest Control, Nampa Pest Control, and more! We are locally owned in Treasure Valley and feel it wouldn’t be fair not to share our excellent pest control service with the best customer service to the rest of Treasure Valley!