Spider Control for Boise, ID

Spiders are frightening to almost everyone. Most spiders are not venomous, but it is challenging to get rid of the black widow without a professional. To control spider infestations, EcoSense technicians utilize a variety of techniques. We encourage our customers in Boise to call us for a free inspection and estimate the first time they have an issue with unwanted arachnids. Our highly trained technicians will discuss the common spiders in your specific area and then tailor a spider pest control plan to get rid of them.

Black widow spider hanging on a web.

Black Widow Spiders

The black widow spider is the scariest in Boise; this spider not only looks scary, but its bite can be fatal in some cases! The bites are venomous and can be harmful if not treated. The bite affects the nervous system and can cause burning, extreme pain, redness, and swelling at the location of the black widow spider bite. You might also have symptoms such as abdominal pain, muscle spasms, double vision, nausea, and vomiting. Although the black widow spider is venomous, it is rarely fatal with proper medical attention.

Is The Brown Recluse Spider in Boise?

As of right now, there is not an established amount of infamous spiders with the violin shaped marking, the brown recluse spiders around Boise. This is not to say that people could not introduce these pests to the area as people move around the country. If you have moved to Boise from a location with brown recluse spiders, please let us know right away, and we will treat for the potential of that spider species and other spiders to ensure they do not get a chance to create a Brown Recluse spider population in Boise.

Regular Pest Control Treatments Stop Spider Problems

The spider needs other insects to survive. If you have been having us provide regular pest control treatments for long enough, it is doubtful that you will have a problem. When we treat, we treat spiders and other pests. Spiders like to hide, which sometimes makes them more challenging to get rid of. By us treating your property regularly, it makes them have to search for more food, which allows them to get into the treatment areas. This is another reason to get on our schedule, enjoy your home without the arachnophobia!

Areas that we provide Spider Control Services

While we are well known as the best spider control in Boise, below you will find a list of our most common spider control service areas:
•Garden City
•Hidden Springs

We are Licensed Experts in Spider Control

We don’t just come in spraying everything with the harshest chemicals, we practice the safest and most effective methods for complete spider control. Our goal is to not only provide your home or commercial property with proper control, but also for us to educate you on how to prevent most spiders from entering your property. We use the best methods, our Licensed Pest Control Professionals are trained and ready to assist you. Our technicians will search out where the spiders are coming from and seal off any entry points.
Black widow spiders can be found in many areas of Boise including Eagle, Garden City, Caldwell, Middleton and Meridian. In order to get rid of black widow spiders from your home or commercial property, call EcoSense Pest Control today!

How do I get rid of spiders in my house?

If you have an infestation of these pests, do not panic. Spider control is possible with EcoSense Pest Control. Our pest control company can rid your home of spiders and insects on the outside and inside of your home. Give EcoSense Pest Control a call today to discuss how we can provide safe spider control for your family in the Boise area.

Boise Spider removal services

EcoSense Pest Control is the company to call when you need spider removal services. We provide control for these pests on your Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and Eagle property. Our technicians are educated on finding and killing spiders in the most challenging places, including attics and crawl spaces.
No one wants to find spiders inside their living space or crawl around their property. So don’t hesitate to call EcoSense Pest Control when you need removal services. We offer comprehensive spider control services to give you peace of mind from the Boise pests!

How do I prevent spiders from my home in Idaho?

Aside from regular treatments, there are several steps that you can do to prevent spiders. These include Dust and vacuum your house regularly. Exclude overgrown vegetation from the outside of your property. You should remove clutter from basements and closets to reveal hiding places in your home. You can also Seal holes in your home’s exterior walls, cracks in the foundation, and gaps around windows and doors. Fix any leaking pipes, empty any containers that might be holding water, and repair low-lying areas of your lawn that will attract insects and spiders to your property.