Cockroach Control in Boise, ID

Cockroach on a rock.

At EcoSense Pest Control, we are experienced, licensed, and insured to get rid of your roach problem in Boise. Our cockroach exterminators will come out to your house for an inspection and determine the type of roaches you are having trouble with. We also provide educational tips for keeping roaches away from your home in the future. Once we identify the types of roaches you have, we offer the appropriate service to eliminate the roach infestation. So for cockroach control in Boise, contact us today!

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Types of roaches in Boise

Boise has three main types of roaches, the German roach, the American roach, and the Oriental roach, and they all have their unique characteristics and challenges to get rid of them.

The most common roach problem of all is the German roach. This roach is very prolific and can build resistance to so many DIY treatment methods. They are survivors for sure.

Then the American and Oriental, these roaches are larger and can survive inside and out, although the American Roach prefers the outdoors. Here are more details on these roaches.

German Roach control

These roaches, also commonly called kitchen roaches, are challenging to get rid of. There are several reasons for this. First, they are small and can quickly get into many places; they also reproduce quickly, which makes eliminating them challenging.

Then the worst part is they build resistance to so many roach killers, especially if you have been using certain types of baits and gels for years without success it might be because you are using the wrong products.

Most professionals recommend that you try non-repellent insecticides such as a fipronil-based active ingredient product for getting rid of German Roaches because they have a hard time building resistance to these types of treatments. But please, do not just spray or fog; the best is to contact us right away for the best roach control company in Boise!

Get rid of German Cockroaches in Boise

Really when you have a German roach infestation in Boise, it is time to call in the professionals at EcoSense. We have experienced going into homes that have been doing the store-bought roach fumigation cans and raiding their homes like crazy. When we go into homes that have done this, it creates a more challenging job.

That will kill quite a few, but the ones that survive go very deep into the walls and learn to prevail in there. In doing so, they will migrate from room to room, and you will have them in different rooms as time passes. We suggest that you call a Boise Pest professional for this type of roach infestation. We can take care of even the resistant roaches; we have unique treatment methods to drive them out of hiding and eliminate your roach problem.

American Roach Control

American roaches typically live outside. Most of the time, when they are found inside, they got in through sewer pipes, yep, nasty as it is. This is why an indoor and outdoor treatment helps ensure that you do not see these nasty creatures. Also, these roaches are typically larger than the German ones.

Get rid of American Cockroaches in Boise

Just like other roaches, the American Cockroach is a survivor. Not as much as the German Cockroach, but they are survivors. They can build resistance to certain insecticides, so it is not recommended to use chemicals that you buy at the store. If these roaches are found inside your home, it is typically because they have crawled through a sewer pipe leak, creating an opening for them to get in.

Oriental Roach Control in Boise

The Oriental Roach is just as happy living inside or out, based on the environment. If they can find a moist area to live in, such as under a kitchen or bathroom sink that might have a small leak, they will not want to leave.

They can be just as hard to get rid of as the American roach. The only difference is that they cannot survive as well outside because it is too dry for them unless there is a moist environment, such as a moisture leak somewhere in your home. For this reason, we recommend keeping all windows and doors closed adequately and check pipes, exterior faucets and even crawl spaces for excess moisture.

Get rid of Oriental cockroaches in Boise

If you have an Oriental Roach infestation, there’s likely a leak somewhere. It could be under your sink or anywhere else, for that matter, where water has been collecting. It could also be under your home. If you have a basement or crawlspace, they could have found a water source and are coming up to explore. These roaches will not go away on their own; you have to do something about them.

Preventing Roaches After You Get Rid of Them

After you have an EcoSense Expert treat for your roaches, we will give you some tips and reminders on what you can do to keep them from coming back. We will also cover those right here for the most effective way to prevent them from returning.

Eliminate all food and water sources such as:

•Leaky plumbing
•Open trash bags
•Avoid flower pots with excess water that cannot drain
•Fruits fallen to the ground and is rotting in your yard or under your home
•Cleaning up your pets food/water dishes after feeding time
•Food scraps, crumbs, and spills
•Keep all windows and doors closed tightly where possible
•Make sure dishes are not left out or left in the sink overnight
•Wipe up spills

Think like a roach; think about where you might go to scavenge for food and water. EcoSense will provide a treatment to keep cockroaches from coming back. You can help us help you by making sure that your home is not inviting to the roaches.

How can EcoSense get rid of roaches?

We have years of professional experience. We know when it is time for each type of treatment and typically use several. For example, we often come in with roach bait or roach bait stations. In addition, we may use residual pesticide sprays, possibly with insect growth regulators, or IGR’s for short.

We may even use pesticide dust to inject deep into the voids. We also might use a flushing agent; this helps make the cockroaches come out of hiding. Finally, we do all we can for a fast roach knockdown, with plenty left behind to eliminate the cockroach infestation and prevent them from returning.

How do the Cockroach Baits work?

Our Cockroach baits are a gel-like substance with active ingredients that are typically non-repellent. We focus this on cracks and crevices that we can find, such asunder the kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

Nine times out of ten, the kitchen cabinets will have the most extensive roach infestation level. That is why bait is so important in these areas. In addition, bait stations are good to use in other areas, such as behind a microwave and other small appliances.

We may also need to bait behind and around other appliances as well. These cockroaches love anything that has power. They will even invade the TV and video game systems! This is another reason to avoid pre-owned electronics if you do not know the source.

What are common roach food sources?

To get rid of cockroaches, get rid of roach’s food sources. Some examples of common food sources are:

•Food scraps left in the sink for a day or more
•Dirty dishes in the sink
•Pet food left out longer than an hour
•Spill on counters, tables, etc.
•Crumbs left behind from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!
•Flower pots that are not draining correctly. Water acts as an attractant to roaches.
•Food left in the oven or microwave
•Dirty dishes and pans that have been sitting overnight
•Spilled dry food such as cereal, oatmeal, crackers, chips, etc.

DIY Roach Control in Boise

I wish it was as simply as telling you all that you need to do is sprinkle boric acid and diatomaceous earth all over inside the cracks and crevices, and under the kitchen cabinets, and all over the floor, just all over the place, and that would make the problem go away.

Unfortunately, cockroaches are intelligent insects. These insect species are survivors. It’s best if you had the Pros for effective long-term control of your cockroach problem. These cockroaches will stick around no matter what you spray at a few of them. Their hiding areas run deep and may even be under your home and other places that you can not get to.

We mention the boric acid and diatomaceous earth sprinkled all over the place because we have seen it. People will get to their wit’s end with these cockroaches and use all of their resources to try anything and everything they can. Understandably so, no one wants cockroaches all over the place!

Typically Costs Less to Hire a Roach Control Company in Boise than DIY

By the time many homeowners call us, they show us all of the products they tried, all of the spray and dust like boric acid and diatomaceous earth. They try chemicals that they ordered online, bait stations. They clean their home top to bottom. They clean their yards, thinking just making things clean alone will solve it.

Unfortunately, a clean home will not do it. Hundreds of dollars in bait and sprays will not either. It takes experience. We know how to safely apply the proper pesticide, the proper bait, the proper bait station placement, the proper dust, the proper sprays all around to eliminate the problem with the cockroaches.

The active ingredients in some of the cockroach sprays can be hazardous; that is also why it is best to call a professional roach specialist in Boise. We have the resources to doit the right way, and typically it is cheaper and often more effective to control and prevent more cockroaches in the long term.

A Roach Treatment Plan for your home in Boise

At EcoSense, we have the best cockroach treatment plan for your home. Once we have the cockroaches under control, we can set you up on a regular treatment plan to ensure that you do not have any other problems. In addition, our Boise Home Pest Control services are the best in the area. We exterminate all pests, including Ants, Spidersbed bug control, Bee and Wasp Control, Fleas, and Ticks, even mice control. We can even get rid of other pests that we did not mention here. Our years of experience and resources will ensure that your Boise home is safe to live in again.

A Roach Treatment Plan for Your Boise Business

We service all types of businesses in Boise, and cockroaches are a big issue for Boise Commercial Pest Control. You do not want them crawling through your place of business, making it difficult for the customers to come in and shop. In addition, roaches look unhygienic can spread disease by contaminating food, drinks, bags, etc., especially if they are near the kitchen or any food-handling areas.

We recommend treatment at least every month with Boise restaurant pest control services. We will come in, inspect, perform our treatment for your business, and do our best to keep them away from your place of business. Remember, Roaches are nocturnal insects that hide during the day. So if you have not seen any cockroaches around your business, then they are most likely hiding out somewhere.

We are the best commercial pest control company in Boise, ID. We have many years of experience with commercial businesses and are experts at controlling cockroaches. Our licensed technicians will not only treat your problem, but they can recommend changes to your business that will help keep pests away in the future. Trust us to take care of all pests on your commercial property.

The Secret Ingredient to Cockroach Control is a Good Exterminator in Boise

We have successfully eliminated pests from many different types of buildings, including private homes, apartment buildings, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, and more. All pest issues are different, so we look at your specific building and perform a thorough inspection of your home, restaurant or other property to determine the best plan for your particular needs. So contact us today to get started eliminating the cockroaches!