Flea and Tick Control in Boise, ID

A tick on a blade of grass.

A flea or tick infestation can cause great harm both for animals and for humans in Boise. The species thrives despite the weather. Many pets live inside, and fleas and ticks become year-round problems. Fleas are vectors for tapeworms, transmit diseases and cause allergies, and ticks cause other diseases. The best way to deal with these Boise parasites is to prevent them. EcoSense Pest Control offers Boise flea and tick control to take care of your flea infestation and regular flea and tick treatments to stop them before they start.

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Tackling fleas and ticks in your Boise home 

First off, we need to say when you have a tick or flea infestation, contact us right away. These are dangerous pests, and you do not want to wait to get control. We will treat your floor and other areas around your home when we come in. We use an adulticide to kill the adult fleas and ticks and an Insect Growth Regulator(IGR) to make sure any flea and tick eggs that hatch out will not become breeding biting adults.

Before and after we come to treat your home, frequent vacuuming is very helpful in taking care of infestations in homes. Vacuum bags require immediate disposal. Treatment can be used then for the prevention of re-contamination through several methods.

Long-term flea and tick control

Once adults are entirely eradicated, and the immature flea and tick population is completely wiped away, additional measures are recommended. There are typically no extra steps needed aside from regular pest control treatments in an environment without pets. With pets, we recommend talking to your veterinarian about different options that the pet can take, along with regular pest control treatments.

EcoSense is your Boise Flea and Tick Control Expert

So when you have a tick or a flea infestation, make sure you contact us right away. We will treat your home and kill these dangerous pests for good to keep your family safe in your Boise home!