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EcoSense Pest Control Technician treating the exterior of our customers home.

Our Hidden Springs Pest control team from EcoSense is a fully licensed and insured family-owned and operated business. Being a locally owned pest control company, we strive to provide the best pest control service around. As a result, we can provide our local customers with great customer service and a quick turnaround for Hidden Springs Pest Control service requests, resulting in a faster amount of time that you can be living pest-free! We believe that every Hidden Springs, Idaho customer deserves immediate attention to their pest control service request. Therefore, we offer our same-day service when possible to meet that demand as a part of our great service.

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Thanks to the quick response time of our EcoSense team of Licensed Pest Control specialists in Hidden Springs and our knowledgable pest control experts providing quality service, customers are experiencing fast results. Being locally owned, we know the around Hidden Springs, Id, and even the not-so-common pests. With that, we have learned the most efficient and fastest treatment methods to eradicate these pests! Contact EcoSense for a free quote on pest services today!


When you sign up for our regular treatments, we do all we can to pest-proof your Hidden Springs home. We look for any entry points that pests can use to get inside your home or business. Some will find a way through the smallest opening, and we want to prevent this from happening as much as possible! We also look for any current pest problems to take care of them as soon as they become an issue. Along with our regular treatments, we offer exterior pest control, interior pest control, and everything in between. Our goal is to ensure that your Hidden Springs home or business is ready for any problems!


Most homes in Hidden Springs will need pest control sooner or later, and we are here for them. Some Hidden Springs homes receive regular pest control treatments from us. We know those houses will never have a pest control emergency because we are taking care of it! But for the homes that are not receiving regular pest control, we will handle their infestation before it becomes an issue.


Our commercial pest control services in Hidden Springs include, but are not limited to: restaurants, hotels, medical facilities & clinics, veterinary clinics & pet care, grocery stores & food markets, and pretty much any other business that deals with the public daily. In addition, we can customize our regular service calls to fit your business needs.


As a local pest control company servicing Hidden Springs, we service the following pests below, this list is not the only pests we treat, though these are just the most commonly faced pest problems.


Rodents such as mice are one of the silent infestations. Most people do not realize they are there until they see the damage left behind. Rodents are even capable of causing house fires by eating through wires! Mice can breed rapidly, and before you know it, your home or business has a mice infestation. In addition to the damage these rodents produce, they are also carriers of many types of diseases and can spread their germs all over your Hidden Springs home or business! Not to worry, though, EcoSense has rSpecialists that can take care of that mouse problem for you and protect your home from another mouse making its way through any other entry points!


Everyone knows Hidden Springs, Id has ants. But not everyone knows just how much damage that they can cause! Not all ants are just searching for that jelly that no one noticed went on the floor. Some are searching for the wood of your home! Yes, Carpenter Ants think that you have too much wood in the frame of your home, and they want to help you with that.

These types of ants will remove the wood and often will place it in a nice little pile as they make room to expand. They do not eat the wood. They just want it out of their way to grow their satellite colony. There are times they will even pull insulation out of your wall or your insulated garage door to make room to live in! We havespecialists to ant-proof your Hidden Springs home, along with taking care of any current ant infestations. So contact us to get on the schedule today to eradicate this problem of ants and other pests!


Along with ants, Hidden Springs has plenty of spiders. Most want to kill other bugs for you, but some are not to be tampered with, such as the black widow spider. These spiders are pretty docile, but they pack a punch when they bite. Their venom is very poisonous and can cause problems for you if not treated quickly! Thankfully we do not have the Brown Recluse Spiders in Hidden Springs, Id. But the black widow spiders are enough! We have extensive knowledge of and can take care of any spider issue that you may have.


When the season for Mosquitoes starts, there is not much you can do to slow it down without regular mosquito treatments. We offer a regular Hidden Springs mosquito treatment that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors during mosquito playtime. Along with our mosquito services, we will also search for potential mosquito breeding sites and eliminate them. Mosquitoes are not just annoying; these insects can spread West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and other diseases. We have mosquito services that will help protect you, your family, and your pets from this!


Wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and even other stinging insects are another group of pests that will put an end to enjoying your yard. This is what we specialize in. There are many types of wasps in Hidden Springs, and they all want to make a home around your Hidden Springs area! We will get rid of them for you before they become a problem.


For most people, just thinking about causes anxiety. These are other pest problems that we treat, along with any other types of insects that infest your homes. Bed bugs can be the most difficult Hidden Sings pest to exterminate. Thankfully our professional, knowledgeable technicians have the experience and know-how to get it done for you. We strive to be a discrete bed bug company, we will be in our Hidden Springs pest control company vehicle, but we are not saying a word to anyone that we are there for bed bugs. It is not something you should be embarrassed about; it can happen to anyone. You could take a nice cruise to Europe and end up with some in your luggage, or you could ride in a taxi and pick them up. They are that easy, and they multiply at a rate that you won’t even know you have bedbugs until it gets out of hand. Contact us, and you will have a knowledgeable, professional walk you through our treatment methods for these insects.


Like bed bugs, find their way in. You would be surprised how often roaches are introduced into homes from things such as grocery bags, shipments, even, you might not want to read this, but even food delivery or carryout!! If one female german roach comes in and can produce eggs, it is game over. Like the bedbug, you might not notice it at first. It will find a cool dark place, such as under your kitchen sink, and start expanding her family. Roaches are not an easy pest to exterminate, so finding a dependable company can be challenging. Roaches will eat anything! Even the wood glue that holds your cabinet together can look like a delicious healthy meal to them. You have to strike them with multiple methods, or you will never get rid of all of the roaches that could still be hiding somewhere in your house. The good news is we have the expertise to resolve a roach infestation quickly! Contact us as soon as you see roaches, and we will get you on the schedule with a free estimate and guaranteed results!


Fleas not only aggravate, but they can be dangerous as well. Fleas carry tapeworms and several other diseases that can be harmful to your pets and your family! Our Hidden Springs pest control technicians will be able to identify what you are dealing with and make the proper determination on how best to resolve your flea issue.


Contact EcoSense today for a free estimate on your pest control needs in Hidden Springs. We offer affordable pricing and guarantee our work. In addition, we offer special discounts to those who sign up for a full-year service plan with us! With the number of pests growing each day around Hidden Springs, it is essential to be proactive with pest control and preventative measures!


We offer several different service plans. Our most common service plan is the Season Pest Control services, we know what pests are coming out at different seasons, and we focus on those each time we come out. We also offer a one-time treatment when needed. This is typically to deal with a particular pest infestation. So whether you have an infestation, or need general pest control in Hidden Springs, contact us today!


In our initial treatment on a service plan, we will thoroughly inspect your property, inside and out. We will locate areas where pests are hiding. We will then treat the specific areas that are infested. We may return for follow-up pest control before the subsequent regular treatment depending on the initial treatment. Our goal is to ensure you do not have a pest problem between our treatments.


We are a local Boise Pest Control company that serves Hidden Springs with all of your pest control needs. In addition, we offer our services to the Treasure Valley area and would appreciate the opportunity to help you with all of your Treasure Valley pest control needs!


Be sure to take a moment to read over our verified reviews! But, don’t just take our word for it; the proof is in the highly recommended reviews! We strive always to give five-star service and be the best by making our customers our top priority. As a result, our customers claim we are better than other pest control companies, and we hope to see your name show up on our next five-star review for pest control in Hidden Springs, Idaho!