Eagle Pest Control

EcoSense Pest Control Technician treating the inside of our customers home.

Eagle Idaho is a beautiful place to live; even the pests think so! In the foothills of Boise, next to Eagle Island State Park, is this beautiful, fast-growing town. With so much greenery and plenty of wildlife, if you live here, you know you will eventually need Eagle Pest Control services from EcoSense Pest Control. EcoSense provides the best pest control services for Eagle, Id 83616.

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Best Pest Control in Eagle

EcoSense is a local company that has been proudly serving Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, and all of the Treasure Valley region with a high customer satisfaction rating. Our reviews speak for themselves. We provide professional, friendly service, a free initial inspection, eco-friendly solutions when requested, even same-day service when available! We respond quickly to take care of your Eagle Pest problems as fast and as efficiently as possible!
We are also the most affordable pest control in Eagle with that great service! We are committed to providing quality pest control services backed by excellent customer service at affordable prices. Our pest control technicians are top-notch professionals trained in the latest pest control industry standards for safety and effectiveness while always maintaining a courteous attitude to make your experience with EcoSense the best!

Fast-acting and efficient Eagle pest treatment

We know when you call for an Eagle Pest treatment, you have had enough of your pest problem. Our goal is to get rid of your pest problem as quickly as possible. That’s why we send a professional, well-equipped technician that will take care of your issues fast and efficiently, at the same time keeping you and your family free from harm! We also do our best to keep disruptions in your life minimal. Contact us through a website, and remember, getting your home treated is only a call away!

EcoSense is a local pest control company that is family owned

EcoSense is a family-owned and operated pest control company in Boise, Idaho serving the Treasure Valley region. Our goal is to provide the best customer service along with effective treatments for all types of pests. We take pride in the quality of our pest control treatments and the level of customer service we offer. Our goal is to provide same-day service for your convenience, respond quickly to alleviate your pest issues and provide affordable rates.

Eagle Pest Inspection

We search deeply to find the problem in our pest inspection service. A thorough inspection of your home or business is a necessary first step in determining the best solution for your pest problem. Our technicians will uncover every detail about your pest dilemma to help us determine the best course of treatment.
Insects and rodents can have different behavior patterns from those of other pests, so we take care to investigate every possible source of entry, activity, or attraction your pests may have. We also check to make sure there have not been previous pest control treatments done on your property so we can make sure to keep your family safe and not over-apply anything.

Pest treatment

Our professional pest technicians are experienced in the latest industry standards for effective treatments. Over our many years of experience, we have learned the best pest treatment methods to resolve your pest problem fast for our residential and commercial customers. We practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management), basically using the least toxic control methods available to resolve your pest problems.
There are times to spray particular chemicals, and there are times to find where the problem is coming from. Sometimes it is as simple as searching around your property for pest entry points. These could be small holes or cracks along the outside of your Eagle, Id home, or it could be in the crawl space. Our goal in the treatments is total pest elimination, and we use the best pest treatments for that.

We can help treats all types of pests in Eagle, Id

We handle common pests in Eagle and the not-so-common pests. We have experience turning pest infestations into pest-free environments getting rid of unwanted guests for our residential and commercial clients. So if you have roaches in the kitchen or ants in the bathroom, no matter the bugs, we have extermination services for you. We are the local professional pest control experts and have treatment plans to eliminate your pest issue and eliminate the risk for recurring infestations.

Residential Pest Control Service

When you need residential pest control services, you need to call us. We offer a free quote for everything from general pest control services and seasonal pest control services for year-round protection. Our home pest control services include ants, bed bugs, bees, carpenter ants, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, dust mites, fleas, ticks, firebrats, flour beetles, fruit flies, German roaches, mice, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, including black widow spiders, wasps, waterbugs, and many other types of bugs & pests!

Commercial Pest Control Service

We provide pest control services to local businesses, including but not limited to restaurants, bars, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. The state of Idaho licenses our pest control technicians. We have a complete service plan to cover your commercial needs, from keeping pests out in the first place to prevention treatments & monitoring programs.
Eagle ID EcoSense Pest Control is a local family-owned company. We pride ourselves on the level of care we provide for our pest control services in Eagle, Id. Our professional customer service sets us apart from the rest, and the integrity of our work speaks large volumes about who we are as a company.

Spider Control

Eagle, ID has plenty of spiders amongst other pest problems. These include the infamous Black Widow spider. Our pest control services include spider control. Our professional pest control experts know where these spiders like to hide, and we will search and destroy to keep you and your family as safe as possible from these dangerous spiders in Eagle, Idaho.

Roach Control Exterminator

We know it can be terrifying to walk into your kitchen and find a cockroach crawling across your counter. Our roach control services can help you with that, and we will resolve the issue as fast as possible to alleviate the panic of finding those ugly bugs in the kitchen or bathroom area. We know what to do to eliminate them all from the smaller german roaches to the larger American and oriental cockroaches! Our professional roach expert will even help find their potential food source to help make sure these bugs never return!

Ant Control

Ants can find their way into your Eagle, Id home in search of food or water, but did you know there are other reasons? Carpenter ants will look for the wood of your home to hollow out and build a carpenter ant gallery, a living place if you will. They do not eat the wood as most think; they just want to remove it to make it a comfortable place to live. Sometimes you will find piles of sawdust, and sometimes even piles of insulation. These small piles can appear overnight. That is how fast they work to set up their new home! We have a carpenter ant expert who can take care of this and other ant infestations fast!

Bed Bug Exterminator

This is a pest no one ever wants to find in their Eagle, Idaho home, but sometimes it is inevitable. When you discover a bed bug in your home, you do not want to wait to see if it goes away. This pest can multiply every other day. Even though that doesn’t seem bad typically, you will not notice them until you have around a hundred of them. With that, if you think about it, the day you see that you have them, you have 100, two days after you have 200, four days after you have 400, six days after that you have 800. That shows you that even though they do not lay a ton of eggs every day, you can have a massive infestation if you wait a month. Bedbugs are known to build resistance to so many types of treatments. So if you decide to try a DIY solution to your bed bugs and do not correctly apply, or the bed bug is already resistant, you are just giving them more time. Contact us for problems with this pest; it is not worth the risk.

Wasp nest removal

It seems like a wasp nest shows up overnight. Your walk to your front door, and you spot it, that wasp nest, maybe yellow jackets, maybe hornets, but when you spot them, there is no unseeing it. Every time you go outside, you know they are just looking for a reason and don’t even mention having a picnic outside or taking out the trash. So please do not live in fear of these stinging insects or other stinging insects in Eagle, Id. Contact us to schedule an appointment and let our Eagle stinging insect specialist come to remove the wasps for you!

Mice Exterminator

When the weather changes, mice start moving. As the weather cools, they make their way indoors. Typically you do not notice because there are not many at first. Then they have a litter and a couple of more litters, and by the time you realize it, you have hundreds. These small rodents do not go away on their own. Our Eagle Pest Control company EcoSense knows how to get rid of mice safely for your family and pets, using the best treatments possible.

Rodent control and rodent exclusion services in Eagle, Id

As the Eagle drops the temperatures, rodent populations desire the same as us: a warm place for life and plentiful foods. Unfortunately, it can squeeze up tiny cracks, making sealing the exterior difficult. We have expert rodent control specialists that will go all over your property and think like a rodent, searching for any potential entry point or any signs of rodents. This will allow them to seal up your home the best way possible, protecting you and your family from harm, as well as keeping those pesky rodents out.

Pest Control Beyond Eagle, Idaho

We provide full-service pest control services beyond Eagle. As a Boise Pest Control Company, we offer our pest control solutions to all of the Treasure Valley, including Meridian pest control, Nampa Pest Control, and Garden City Pest Control. Feel free to look us up and read our reviews to see why you should choose us over other local pest control companies! We would love the opportunity to make you our priority!