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EcoSense Pest Control Technician treating the exterior of our customers home.

Caldwell Idaho has its fair share of pest problems. EcoSense is the best Caldwell Pest Control company and would love to have the chance to show you why we come highly recommended over other Pest Control Companies. We are the experts in pest control and exterminator services in Caldwell, ID.

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We are passionate about providing Caldwell with the best pest solutions

We will handle every single detail of your pest problem, whether it is a one-time service for insects or rodents or an ongoing, year-round protection plan to ensure you have no issues in the future. In addition, we have options for Eco Friendly, all-natural materials which meet EcoSense Pest Control’s high standards and provide excellent customer satisfaction. Find out today why no other business can not beat our great service!

Complete Pest Management In Caldwell, Idaho

Pest control isn’t just about killing bugs. We practice pest management to ensure that your Caldwell home remains pest-free with our regular services. Our family-owned pest control services make your life more comfortable, and we keep your home safe with our high-quality pest control services.

Our team of professional exterminators is committed to providing the best pest control services for our community. If you are looking for experienced and the state of Idaho licensed commercial pest control or home pest control, EcoSense is ready to meet your needs.

EcoSense Pest Control Treats Your Home Like It’s Our Own

We will get rid of pest infestations in your home by targeting the root of your problem. We genuinely care about our Caldwell customers, and their homes, so we don’t want you to deal with pests, whether a mouse or ants crawling around inside. With EcoSense Pest Control, you can ensure that our team will give your home the attention it deserves and take care of all your pest control needs.

When you choose us as your pest control company, you can be sure that EcoSense will always give 100% to ensure the best possible results every time. We value our relationships with our customers and those in the communities we serve. With years of experience, we have a solid commitment to excellence, making us the first choice for pest control.
If you are looking for a Caldwell Exterminator that will be reliable and do everything they can to get rid of your pests, then contact us today!

Effective Caldwell Pest Control

EcoSense is Effective Pest Control. We have the training, licenses, and experience to get rid of crawling, flying, or burrowing pests. Our team of Caldwell Pest Control professionals has been providing excellent service for years, and we are proud to be our customer’s first choice for pest control in Caldwell, ID.

Guaranteed Pest Control

Moreover, we provide a full 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. EcoSense is the place to call for guaranteed pest control because we give you absolute confidence in our services! After your first service, you will understand why our excellent service has earned us so much reputation as the best local pest control!

Commercial Pest Control In Caldwell, ID

We are also a Caldwell Commercial Pest Control Company. So whether you need us to clear a roach infestation in a restaurant or bed bugs in your Caldwell Hotel, we have the expert for the job! We cover several types of commercial properties, contact us and see what our professional Caldwell Commercial Services team can do for your business!

We get rid of pests

We don’t mess around when it comes to getting rid of Caldwell pests. We might be known as the friendliest and best pest control company in town, but we do it the best when it comes to doing our job. Our goal is fast and long-term pest control.


Cockroaches are everywhere in the United States, so it’s not surprising they are in Caldwell too. Unfortunately, they can quickly become a problem because of their reproduction speed and disease-carrying abilities.

Roaches reproduce rapidly, so there are probably many more hiding out of sight if you see one or two. You might even have hundreds in your home.

The best way to handle roaches is to call a pest control company specializing in cockroach extermination. EcoSense has your back; we have a roach control expert that can come and take care of the problem.


Ants can be a big problem, especially when they invade your home! Some are looking for food, and some are looking for wood. That’s right, carpenter ants will search to find wood that they can make a new home in, and the structure of your home is no exception. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood; they just remove it to make a comfortable place for their colony!


Venomous spiders such as Black Widow Spiders can also be an issue in Caldwell Idaho, and we can treat them. This is not a problem that the average Joe should take care of. You need to be sure whoever treats your home has training and experience eliminating venomous spiders.Give EcoSense a call today, and we will let you know about our spider control!

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can cause itchy bites, and they are challenging to get rid of because of their chemical resistance and ability to hide. They come out at night when you are sleeping, get their blood meal from you and vanish back into hiding to reproduce.
Bed bugs are usually brought into homes on clothing or in luggage. Some people think just moving to a new house will get rid of them, but all that does is spread them around. You need to call us ASAP when you have bed bugs before the bed bug infestation gets any worse. We have bed bug services in Caldwell and would love to get rid of your bed bugs today!

Mosquito Services

Mosquitoes are always most active at dawn and dusk, so most people get bit when they are out on the property or just sitting outside. If you’ve experienced a spring or summer in Caldwell, you know how bad the mosquitoes can get. We have a professional mosquito treatment special that is hard to beat!


Our rodent infestation specialist can get rid of mice and other rodents in your home or business and will provide you with fast service. Mice can be a severe health hazard, spreading disease-infested fecal matter everywhere. In addition, these rodents can gnaw through wires and generate quite a mess, even causing house fires!
Give us a call today for your rodent and mouse control service in Caldwell!


Ticks can spread diseases, making them a threat to you and your pets. Ticks are difficult to spot because they are so small, but they carry many diseases!

We offer tick control services for your property to keep you safe from dangerous ticks. Call today for more information on our tick control treatments to keep your pets and family safe!


Fleas can not only bite people and your pets, but they can also spread diseases and infest your home. They can also be a problem for your pets! Fleas and Ticks can be challenging to get rid of, but we have a great flea and tick treatment plan with a tremendous success rate!

Call us today for all of your flea control needs in Caldwell. We will visit your home, treat the yard, and rid you of these nasty pests!

Wasps and other Stinging Insects

Wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and other stinging pests can make going outside scary! When you open your front door and hear the wasps, your nice walk to the mailbox becomes a frightening time! We have the treatments that will get rid of wasps around your property.

Fast-acting and efficient pest treatments

We can treat different pests inside your home, around the perimeter of your property, and in the yard. We have the best product for each type of pest that makes you miserable. Often we can use the same treatment in several areas around your home, so you don’t have to pay for each service separately.

Your pest control technician has extensive knowledge and experience in eliminating pests. They know what is best regarding which products and treatments will work on your specific pest problem. EcoSense Pest Control offers the best pest control in Caldwell.

Our Initial Service

You will meet our residential or commercial pest specialist on our initial service. We will learn about pests you are concerned with and discuss your pest control needs. We will address your issue, whether it is a single problem or several problems.
EcoSense will inspect your property for any other pest activity that you might not have even realized that you had. Then we will set up your next regular service so you can relax knowing your pest issues are taken care of!

Customer Reviews

Best pest control service ever! We never get tired of hearing our Caldwell customers say this. Look over our reviews and see why we are the top-rated company around. You will know why people choose EcoSense over other pest control companies in Caldwell.