Meridian Pest Control

EcoSense Pest Control Technician pointing out pest access points on the exterior of a customers home.

EcoSense is a local company that provides the best Meridian Pest Control Services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service, quality treatments beyond traditional pest control, and guaranteed results. EcoSense is committed to the highest standards in safety and excellence, so you can rest assured that we will treat your house with the utmost care and respect. Our pest professionals stay on top of the best methods in the pest control industry to eliminate pest problems. We offer our services to Meridian commercial and residential customers looking for a pest service provider they can trust.

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Meridian Exterminator

Meridian has its fair share of pests, and our Meridian Pest Control Company is here to help! From bed bugs and spiders to ants, mice, cockroaches, rodents, and all other types of pests, EcoSense has the resources to remove your issues for good. Our Meridian Exterminator Services are unmatched by other pest control companies in Meridian, Id! We offer extermination packages to fit your budget and your needs.

EcoSense also provides our Meridian, Id customers with a 5% discount for current and retired military veterans. We appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made, and we would like to honor and thank you by providing a small token of our appreciation!

Ant Control

Ants are infamous for being some of the most common pests you might face in your home or business. Some people think ants are harmless, but they can cause damage to your property and can be a significant annoyance. When you need ant extermination services in Meridian, ID, EcoSense is your best choice.

No matter how many ants you have or where they’re coming from, we can eliminate them and prevent them from returning to your Meridian home. We provide effective and efficient treatment for all types of ant species, including carpenter ants and pavement ants!
Our technicians will inspect your Meridian home or business to find where the source of the problem is originating from. Then we’ll treat your ant infestation with a residual insecticide to prevent ants from returning.

Bed Bug Expert

EcoSense is the number one choice for bed bug extermination! Our technicians are specially trained to get rid of bed bugs, and our treatments are guaranteed to eliminate these pests from your Meridian, Id home or business. In addition, we provide complete bed bug inspection and treatment.Bed bugs are a nuisance to any property. They feed off the blood of humans, leaving itchy bites that can become irritated when scratched. They can even cause sleep deprivation which can severely impact an individual’s health!

Spider Control in Meridian

Not only is it flat out irritating to walk through a spider web at night, but the sight of a black widow spider can also give you quite a fright! When you need spider pest control, EcoSense is more than equipped to handle the task of eliminating your spider problem. Our Meridian pest technicians will inspect your home and provide you with a custom treatment plan that will free you from deadly spiders such as black widow spiders. As a result, we eliminate the risks of walking through a spider web at night and having to practice your kung fu!

Mice Control

When mice infiltrate your property, it’s essential to call the experts at EcoSense. We not only provide reliable pest service for mouse infestations, but we also offer general mice control services as well as other rodent control. Let us take care of all your mouse issues with our guaranteed rodent control treatments to remove them from your home or business. We have a great service plan to get rid of mice and make sure they never return to your Meridian home or business again.

Wasp Control

Wasps and other stinging insects don’t just look scary; they can be extremely dangerous. So if you spot wasps or other stinging insects in or around your home or business, don’t try to deal with this problem yourself. Instead, give us a call and let our Wasp Control professionals handle it for you! We offer a reliable pest service that will not only eliminate wasps and other stinging insects but keep them from coming back to your home or business with our treatment plans. So next time you have wasps, yellow jackets, or hornets making you look over your shoulder every time to walk outside, contact us!

Roach Control

When you get roaches in your home, feeling overwhelmed is easy. German roaches, aka kitchen roaches, can quickly take over your residential or commercial property. And the giant American roach or oriental roaches that make their way in through methods such as sewer pipes can be just as bad. Don’t worry, though!Our Professional Pest Control company in Meridian is here to eradicate your property of cockroaches for good and help find and eliminate their food source! Sometimes people do not realize the roach food source, and we can help educate you on that. We offer quality pest service that will eliminate these cockroaches from your home or business with a guarantee! Once this problem has been taken care of, we ensure our clients are protected with our pest service plans that include year-round roach control.

Meridian Tick Control

Ticks are eight-legged parasites that can easily take over your house and yard. They pose a threat not only to you but also to your pets! Our Meridian, Id Tick Control technicians are specially trained for tick control. We offer a reliable pest service plan that will forever eliminate ticks from your home or business.

With the warmer weather on its way, don’t let your home or business fall victim to various bugs. Instead, contact us today for superior pest service!

Meridian Flea Control

We get it; your pets are a part of the family. That’s why we go above and beyond to protect them from parasites such as fleas. These pests can cause tapeworms in you, your family, and your pets and cause all types of other problems. You know a significant infestation is on the way when you get a few. That’s where we come in to help you with our quality pest service that will eliminate these nasty parasites from your property once and for all.

Mosquito Control Service

When it starts to get warmer outside, mosquitoes are sure to appear! What’s worse is they can spread diseases like Zika, West Nile Virus, etc. That’s why it is imperative to protect yourself and your family from these dangerous insects. When you contact us for Meridian mosquito control, we make sure your yard is treated to rid it of mosquitoes and other flying insects, and we have a summer mosquito control program to keep it that way!

Box Elder Bugs

If you’re tired of seeing box elder bugs coming inside your home, just give us a call. We have an effective pest service that will eliminate these bugs from getting into your house or place of business. Our service plans also help protect you and your family from future infestations, so you don’t have to deal with them again!

Pest Control Service Plan in Meridian

EcoSense has quality pest service plans to help you with your general pest control needs throughout the year. We can handle mice, wasp, cockroach, tick, flea, mosquito, and other issues that come up. With our service plan, you can rest easy knowing that you, your family, and your pets are well protected from potential pest infestations in Meridian. In addition, our service provides the best customer experience possible because we value our customers and want to keep them happy with a high level of satisfaction. Contact us today for a free estimate on a pest control service plan!

General Pest Control

We have a plan for you when you do not have a particular pest problem and want to keep it that way! Our plans are designed to keep your home or business free of any pests. We offer special rates and flexible contracts for year-round pest service that will prevent many problems from making their way into your home or business. And we’re always happy to help you plan a personalized treatment strategy!

Full-Service Pest Control Covering All Of Meridian

Our Meridian full-service pest Control Plan covers all the services you need to keep your property pest-free! We work to eliminate many pests, including insects, spiders, ticks, and rodents, so you don’t have to worry about them taking over. Our technicians are highly trained in insect identification, control techniques, and prevention measures. Our full-service pest management includes protection not only for your home or business but also for your family and pets. For all of your pest service needs in Meridian, Id, contact us today!

Our Meridian Service Areas

We service the zip codes of 83642, 83646, and 83680. If you do not live in these areas, just know if you are in Ada County or anywhere in the Treasure Valley, we most likely can take care of you! Below are some of the areas of Meridian, Idaho that we service, but if you live anywhere in the Treasure Valley of southwest Idaho, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Northeast Meridian, Idaho Pest Control

We provide professional pest control service to the following areas of NorthEast Meridian for homeowners and businesses, including Alpine Pointe, Ashford Greens, Avebury, Birkdale Estates, Casa Bella, Center Point Square, Champion Park, Clearvue Estates, Copper Basin, Granton Square, Heritage Commons, Heritage Grove, Hightower, Hunter Pointe, Irvine Meadows, Jackson Square, Kenners, Kingston Point, La Mirada, Olive Estates, Packard Estates, Pine 43, Saguaro Canyon, Saguaro Springs, Serenity Springs, Settlers Bridge, Settlers Lane, Silver Springs, Solitude Place, Solterra, Sundance, Three Corners, Three Corners Ranch, Tustin, Ventana, Verado, Vienna Woods, Village Bungalows, and Woodbridge.

Northwest Meridian, ID Pest Control

We provide commercial and residential pest control to the following areas of Northwest Meridian, Id for homeowners and businesses, including Ambercreek, Amberwave, Arch Rock Terrace, Bainbridge, Baldwin Park, Baraya, Bellano Creek, BridgeTower, BridgeTower West, Brinegar, Cadence, Canterbury Commons, Carriage House at Spurwing, Castlebrook, Cedar Springs, Cedarcreek, Cherry Blossom Place, Chesterfield, Creason Creek, Creekstone, Crossfield, Fairbourne, Geddes, Haven Cove, Hensley Station, Heron Ridge Estates, Jump Creek, Kelly Creek, Lake at Cherry Lane, Lakeview Golf Course, Lochsa Falls, Maddyn Village, Mill Iron, Oak Creek, Oaks West, Paramount, ParksideQuartet, Rapid Creek, Reserve at Oaks West, Roundtree Place, Salisbury Court, Sawtooth Creek, Sienna Creek, Silverleaf, Spurwing Challenge, Spurwing Estates, Spurwing Greens, Spurwing Heights, Spurwing Olive Tree, Stonebriar, Sundial, The Daphne, The Landing, The Oaks, The Oaks North, Tumble Creek, Turtle Creek, Westbridge, White’s Acres, Whitecliffe, Windsong, Woodburn.

Southeast Meridian Pest Control

Bella Park, Bellingham Park, Blackrock, Cabella Creek, Cadence at Century Farm, Calistoga, Carmel, Castle Creek, Castlebridge, Cavanaugh, Caven Ridge Estates, Century Farm, East Ridge, Estancia, Goldengrove, Gramercy Heights, Green Valley, Hillsdale Creek, Kingsbridge, Larkspur, Lavender Heights, Meridian Greens, Movado, Normandy, Observation Point, Orchard Creek, Paisley Meadows, Pinnacle, Prevail, Red Tail, Reflection Ridge, Sageland, Shelburne, Silverwater, Sky Mesa, Sportsman Point, Sutherland Downs, Sutherland Farm, Sutherland Heights, Teakwood Place, The Keep, Thousand Springs, Tradewinds, Tuscany, Wells, White Bark, White Rose.

SouthWest Meridian, Idaho Professional Pest Control Service

Bear Creek, Bittercreek Meadows, Danskin Ridge, Edgehill, Fall Creek, Gran Prado, Iron Horse, Kentucky Ridge, Kentucky Villas, Oakwood Estates, Pear Blossom, Preakness, Sagewood, Shepherd Creek, Southridge, Stapleton, Stetson Estates, Strada Bellissima, Timberline Estates.

Meridian Home Pest Control

We provide top-rated Meridian Home Pest Services. We know how important it is for you and your family to be safe and healthy inside your home. So we will take care of all of the pests that we can control and keep those pesky bugs out!

Our skilled techs do a full inspection of your home and determine the best course of treatment to make sure you are pest-free! We handle ants, rodents, spiders, mosquitoes, and any other insects that could invade your home. So contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Barrier Pest Control

We also like to do a barrier pest control treatment when we treat your home. This barrier pest control consists of treating around your home, garage, and yard to create an invisible barrier. This pest treatment will help to prevent pests from invading your home again and give great insect control.

We all want the comfort of knowing that our homes are pest-free!! When you sign up for our treatment plan, you will see how we have the most effective solutions for your residential and commercial property!

Meridian Commercial Pest Control

Most all businesses in Meridian need commercial pest control services at some point or another. Whether it is an office building, restaurants, stores, or any other business building, pests like to hang out at commercial properties.

Raccoons cause severe damage if they get into your electrical boxes and chew on all the wires.

Roaches are most likely attracted to the food sources and water sources at commercial buildings such as restaurants. Therefore, we can eradicate them and help you identify their water and food sources.

Ants can get into seemingly impossible places where you had no idea they could be getting in. They could also find a food source that you didn’t realize.

Mice and rats can easily find their way into your commercial building through tiny openings in the siding or even an open door.

Spiders and other insects such as bees and wasps will find their way into your commercial buildings. Some spiders can even be dangerous, such as the black widow spiders!

Bed bugs are now becoming more common pests and can quickly spread to other employees in an office if one gets them.
It is essential to have our Meridian Commercial Services division at EcoSense come out and create a commercial pest control treatment plan for your business!

A step above other pest control companies

EcoSense strives to stay a step above other pest control companies for residential pest control and commercial in Meridian, Id. We believe that our quality is unmatched in the Meridian area. We also use customized treatment plans for every client, and we approach each client from a learning mindset.

We Will Eliminate Your Meridian Pest Problem

Worrying about your pest issues is the last thing that you want to have on your mind when you leave home every morning. Know that we will get rid of all pest problems and make sure they never bother you again!

We will Do a Full Inspection and Tailored Treatment Plan

Our skilled technicians will come out to your Meridian home and complete a full inspection to determine what type of problems we are dealing with. We will then develop a tailored treatment plan that is just for you! We will take care of your common pests, and the not so common pest problems.

Best Pest Control Company in Meridian, Idaho

When you read our pest control reviews, you can see why we are the best pest control company in Meridian, Id. We will provide your home or business with a thorough treatment and excellent customer service to back it up!

Affordable Meridian Pest Control

We are a locally owned and a locally operated pest control company. Our goal is to make you happy, not some corporate head office or investors. We provide affordable pest control to our local community. So whether you are needing a one-time service for a particular problem or get set up without a seasonal plan, or other services, we are here for businesses and homeowners. We can resolve your problem in your house or business.

Offering Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Meridian

We offer an eco-friendly pest control solution when requested. We are not just focused on getting rid of your pests, but making sure that we do it in the most healthy and safe way that will not harm the environment. Our natural methods are safe, effective, pet friendly, and still efficient!

We Use a Variety of Different Treatments

All of our treatments are done by EcoSense Pest Control experienced technicians. Depending on each situation, we use various treatment techniques, including different insecticides.

Our Guarantee to Our Customers in Meridian

We will guarantee that we will eliminate your pest issue for our residential and commercial customers. We are ready to take control of your pest issue!