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Middleton Pest Control provider EcoSense is happy to offer year-round protection from pests. In addition, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning we will return and retreat at no cost until you are delighted with the results. Our licensed pest control technicians stand behind their work. And our maintenance packages ensure that pests stay out of your home or business.
We use only the safest pest management practices in Middleton, Idaho. We have high standards for safety, which means that your family and pets are also safe when you use our services.
We provide exceptional service at affordable prices. If you want the best pest management team in town, look no further than EcoSense. We offer free estimates and flexible scheduling to fit your needs.

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Best Pest Control Company in Middleton, ID

Our customers and their verified reviews have rated EcoSense The Best Pest Control Company in Middleton, Id. Our Pest Solutions can eliminate your pest problems fast! We have years of experience in pest control and have gained incredible knowledge to get rid of your pests fast and efficiently! So when you have unwanted pests in your home or business, contact us!
The state of Idaho fully licenses us to provide pest control services to homes and businesses. We offer excellent service with a friendly, professional attitude. People and pets love us, but the pests do not!

Home Pest Control

When you need Home Pest Control in Middleton, Idaho, you do not want to just trust anyone. Sure they might be able to take care of your pest problem, but we do more. In our pest control companies’ core values, we believe safety is the first priority.
We take our time to ensure we do the pest control job right the first time. We will talk with the homeowners and find out what all pests are of concern, do a pest inspection and see if there are other pests that homeowners might not even be aware of. We inspect inside and out, and even in the crawlspace, if there is one, looking for insects, spiders, rodents, and looking for entry points that pests might use.

Commercial Pest Control

We are also a top-rated Commercial Pest Control Company in Middleton. Look, as a business owner, I understand it takes a lot to run a business. And I know a pest infestation is the last thing you want to be concerned with. So our commercial pest control specialist will inspect your business’s property and find any conducive issues that could attract pests. We will then create a treatment plan you keep your business pest-free.
Unlike other pest control companies, we are not sending out a barely trained new hire that just got a job with us. When we provide services to commercial clients, we send the best Professional Commercial Pest Control Expert to your property. They will conduct a deep pest inspection and do what it takes to get rid of your pest problem.

Free Quote on Pest Control in Middleton, Idaho

You shouldn’t have to pay to find out how much your services will cost. We will provide our Middleton clients with a free quote for our services before even beginning any pest control work. We consider your home or business size, the pest infestation, and what type of treatment is necessary to get rid of these pests.

Pest Control Treatment Plans

We also offer Pest Control Treatment Plans to our residential and commercial clients. Our plans are designed specifically for your pest problems. We will look at the type of infestation, and against what pest is being targeted, we will create a custom plan that is best suited for your home or business’s needs.

Seasonal Pest Control

There are different pest problems throughout the different seasons. With our seasonal pest control service, we will focus on which pest will be active in that season. For example, there is no reason to focus on mosquitoes in the middle of January. We know the pest’s patterns. We would be more than happy to discuss what we are targeting and always answer any questions with each treatment. We are here to serve your needs and do it with integrity and a smile! Contact us to schedule your pest control service today!

Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Middleton

We have a many clients that prefer ecologically friendly pest control solutions, So when requested, we tailor our organic treatments according to what pests you might be having issues with. We use only the safest and the most effective organic pest control products to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. Safety for your family and safety for your pets!

Guaranteed Pest Control in Middleton Id

You don’t want to trust a company that does not back up it's service with a guarantee. We are so completely confident in our quality of pest control service that we offer a guarantee on all of our work! So you can know from the moment the work begins that you will be just as satisfied as the rest of our clients!

Ant Control Service

We offer ant control service in Middleton, Id. This is a fairly common pest in this area, and when ants are seen around your property, you want it taken care of fast! The longer ants are allowed to be running around your property, the more likely there will be a bigger problem. Carpenter ants are an insect that can cause severe structural damage to your house if not taken care of.

Rodent Control Service

Another common problem everyone seems to have here in Middleton, Id is rodent infestations. Our rodent infestation specialist knows how to take care of business. We don’t have to deal with rats much in the Treasure Valley, but the mice can get out of hand fast. Mice infestations can grow very rapidly in your house or business, and if not taken care of quickly, these rodents can cause a dangerous situation. Our rodent exterminator is ready to tackle the infestation.

Roach Control Service

The type of roach, from German roaches, oriental roaches, American cockroaches, do not matter; we can do the job. Our Roach Service Expert knows these bugs. We will go into your home or business and treat, flush, and set out bait for these cockroaches, and they will eat it up. They come back to their hiding place and die. We take care of the problem with these nasty bugs and prevent them from coming back.

Spider Control Services

Another pest that is very common here in Southwestern Idaho is spiders. We hate seeing our clients deal with this problem, but we are ready! Spiders can be one of the most challenging pests to treat properly because many sprays are not effective enough, and not all pest control service professionals know which chemical to use. With us having black widow spiders in the region, it is crucial to have a professional that knows what they are doing.

Wasp nest removal

Another one of our most common pest control services is wasp nest removals. Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, oh my! No matter what you call them, these Middleton pests are a real danger to everyone in the Treasure Valley. These stinging insects can be really dangerous if not quickly removed from your home or business. Getting rid of a wasp nest should only be done by a professional who knows how to do it safely and effectively for all involved! So give us a call, and let us get rid of that wasp nest, so you don’t have to worry.

Bed Bugs in Middleton

We can help with bed bug removal here in Middleton, Id. Bed bugs are a huge problem everywhere these days, and it should never be ignored! We have been doing professional bed bug control for years, and we know our business. Bed bugs are the hardest to get rid of because they hide so good from us, making it difficult to find them and treat them. In addition, these pests reproduce so rapidly, up to doubling the infestation size every other day, that there is a serious risk of an infestation becoming out of hand if not dealt with quickly enough.

Mosquito Treatment service in Middleton

Mosquitoes are known to carry some pretty dangerous diseases. West Nile Virus, Malaria, and Zika Virus are all carried by them. You want to get rid of these pests fast! The longer you wait, the more risk you take for something awful to happen. Mosquitoes can be very dangerous if not treated right away with the proper sprays and chemicals. Our mosquito control professional here in Middleton can deal with your mosquito issue and stop any problems before they start!

Pest exterminators in Middleton

EcoSense is your professional pest exterminator in Middleton, Id. We offer Pest Extermination, Pest Control, Bed Bug Treatments & More. A Middleton pest control service technician will inspect your home to find the best way to remove your pest problem. We will get rid of the pests and keep them from coming back by properly treating for and applying preventive treatments. We get the job done right. Insects, spiders, mice, whatever it might be, we have the best pest control services to get it done right.
Contact us today to schedule your services and see what our other customers are talking about.