Home Pest Control in Boise

You work hard to provide your family with a safe, healthy, and comfortable home. But, if pests get inside, they not only threaten those things but also lead to a feeling of unrest whenever you’re inside the four walls of your own home. Protecting your family from pests that often remain hidden away in areas you can’t access may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. EcoSense Pest Control provides Boise pest control services to eliminate the pests in your house and prevent them from returning. For simple, safe, and sensible pest control for your Treasure Valley home, you can trust EcoSense. Take a look at all of our customer reviews to see just how we have been serving Boise ID with excellent customer service!

Home Pest Control Services From EcoSense

Open communication is the key to a good working relationship. When you contact EcoSense for our home pest control services in Boise, we’ll start by discussing what you’ve been seeing in your house. Then, we’ll take the time to listen to what you have to say so we can understand your pest control issues better. Some questions that we might have are:

  • Where have you noticed problems? 
  • What kind of activity have you seen? 
  • What are pests you most concerned about? 

These are just a few of the helpful questions that will guide our service and our initial inspection.

Pest Inspection

During our pest inspection, we’ll thoroughly look over both the interior and exterior of your house to identify hot spots, signs of activity, entry points, and conducive conditions. This helpful information will help us identify what problems you’re dealing with and how to get rid of them safely. A complete pest inspection of your property, both inside and out, provides the foundation necessary to thoroughly and effectively solve your pest problems.

Schedule Reminder

After scheduling your first service, we’ll make sure to send you a reminder of the appointment before the date. We’ll also contact you when our expert is on the way to your house. You can expect to see one of our EcoSense pest control technicians working diligently around your home during the service. Your technician will take their time to explain their work and answer any questions you have. They’ll pay attention to detail with humane methods that are as safe as possible for everyone throughout the process, including dogs, cats, birds, and wildlife.

Initial Home Pest Control Treatment

We’ll use the information we gathered during our inspection during the initial home pest control treatment to guide our treatment. Our initial treatments are customized to your specific needs. They include complete interior and exterior treatments to eliminate and prevent pests.

Pest Control Services Inside Your Home

Inside, we’ll treat the areas where activity was discovered. We’ll also do a baseboard treatment and treat around your windows, as these are common entry points for pests. Our professional technician will also treat your garage to ensure no pests, including spiders, rodents, or other troublesome pests, are hiding out in there.

Pest Control Services Outside Your Home

Outside, our professional technicians will apply a foundational spray three feet up your foundation walls and three feet out from your house. We’ll brush down spider webs and stinging insect nests and apply a treatment to prevent them from returning. Our exterior treatments also include treating fence lines and outbuildings, as well as laying a granular treatment on your lawn.

Part of our service also includes educating our customers on the conditions in and around your house that may be contributing to your pest problems. Frequently there are easy fixes that homeowners can do themselves to make their property less attractive to pests. We’ll also provide you with pictures of these areas.

Follow Up Pest Services

Follow-up services are usually performed quarterly for residential properties. These services are invaluable, as they maintain your home’s pest protection throughout every season of the year. In some cases, more frequent visits may be necessary. That’s why we also offer monthly and bi-monthly follow-up treatment options. During our follow-up services, exterior treatments are performed. Interior treatments are available upon request.

Other Boise Pest Control Services

We do more than ensure that you do not have any pests. Sometimes bugs and rodents such as mice can take over and cause an infestation. You have no need to be embarrassed about these things happening, and when they do, you need the best home pest control in Boise, ID!

Bed Bug Control

If bed bugs get into your house, they can be challenging to get rid of. This for several reasons, including:

  • They are so tiny that they fit into the smallest cracks and crevices, making it hard to spot them.
  • They can build enough resistance to survive most retail store pesticides, and if they do not die, they can become more resistant.
  • Bed bugs can grow their population extremely fast.

You need professional services to make sure every last bed bug is eliminated. Our Boise bed bug control service includes a combination of dust, liquid, and spot heat treatments to eradicate your infestation of these blood-sucking pests. It consists of two treatments spaced out by two weeks and comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are filthy pests that can cause a host of health problems for the people who have them in their homes. Just like bed bugs, cockroaches can take over fast, as they are good at developing resistance to store-bought pesticides. Our cockroach treatments are designed to eliminate your infestation in its entirety. The cockroach control includes three treatments, each spaced out in three-week increments, and comes with a 30-day warranty. 

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are both irritating and dangerous. Our flea and tick treatments target the pests on your lawn and property, as well as treat inside your house for the ones that make it inside. We’ll also be proactive about preventing the wildlife that may be bringing fleas and ticks onto your property. Our flea and tick control is a two-treatment service spaced out two to three weeks. It includes a 30-day warranty. We have the solutions that will help protect your family from fleas and ticks with regular service, so call today to get on the schedule!

Mosquito Control

Keeping mosquitoes off your lawn makes it not only a more comfortable place to spend time but also a safer one. Our mosquito control service is offered between April – October and includes monthly treatments to keep the number of mosquitoes low on your property. We also offer one-time services for special outdoor occasions.

Mouse Control Services in Boise Idaho

Mice are another widespread problem in homes. They can chew through just about anything, which means your home could have damage that you’re unaware of. Mice will also carry diseases into your home, which is dangerous for anyone who lives there. If you see a mouse in your house, contact us right away! Our mouse control service is highly effective, but it works best when it starts early.

Spider Control

Spiders are also widespread in homes, especially in the fall and winter when they’re looking for warm places to stay. Our spider control service is designed to safely eradicate spiders and other bugs on your property, both indoors and out. We’ll help you get rid of the ones that are currently infesting your home, as well as make sure they never come back by keeping a residual treatment that will take away their food source, other insects!

Ant Control

Ants are annoying, but they can also cause severe structural damage to your home. The carpenter ant is well known for building what is called a satellite colony. This is when the colony outgrows its living space and creates a new nest nearby. When this happens, the original colony will send out scouts to find that new location, then turn it into another colony of ants! These situations can become incredibly destructive, especially if you don’t catch them in time. Our ant control service is designed to kill off the existing ants and prevent new ones from coming in. There are also many other ants. Some are destructive, some will bite, and some will get on your nerves. We handle all types of ants!

Protecting Your Boise Family From Harmful Pests

A pest infestation in your Boise home can cause serious health issues for your family and severe damage to your house. Protecting both is easy with EcoSense. We offer simple, safe, and sensible service focused on providing an excellent customer experience. To request a free inspection, contact us today.

Other areas that we provide pest control services

We provide the greatest pest control service in the industry, but we also serve clients from throughout the Treasure Valley region! So if your location isn’t listed below, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and see if we can still fit you on our schedule!

Boise Idaho Pest Control

Boise is a beautiful city in Idaho and home to many pests. Fur trappers originally inhabited this region before becoming a Goldrush boomtown, with around 250,000 people today! EcoSense provides skilled Boise pest treatments and extermination services.

Meridian Idaho Pest Control

Meridian is Idaho’s second-largest city and one of the fastest-growing in the United States! With a moniker like “The Center of Treasure Valley” and a motto of “Built for business…Designed for living,” it’s no surprise that so many people want to move here. Although, as your city has expanded, so have your pest problems. EcoSense Pest Control is here to help exterminate pests in Meridian before they become a major infestation! We provide Meridian with a range of pest control services, including ant treatment, spider control, and rodent removal, to help you eliminate existing pests and prevent future invasions from occurring.

Nampa Idaho Pest Control

Nampa is a city in Canyon County, Idaho, about 20 miles west of Boise. With Nampa being such a thriving variety of food processing, agribusiness, and many other manufacturing businesses comes pests. Whether it’s ants, mice, or other vermin in your home or business that need to be eliminated, EcoSense can help.

Caldwell Idaho Pest Control

Caldwell is a fast-growing city in Canyon County, Idaho, located about 30 miles west of Boise. As your community expands, so does the variety of pests that visit your property. EcoSense can provide a range of year-round services for your Caldwell home, including ant and spider treatments inside and out, as well as mice control. A preventative service will also help ensure that all of your home’s or business’ pest problems are taken care of before they start.

Eagle Idaho Pest Control

Eagle, Idaho, is a fast-growing community located in Ada County. EcoSense can help you with various pest control services, including ants, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, and rodents. You don’t want to see pests when you return from a stroll around Eagle Island State Park or dinner in Eagle, ID. Your home is your safe haven, so contact EcoSense today to request an inspection.

Garden City Idaho Pest Control

Garden City is a picturesque Ada County, Idaho town known for its lovely parks, including the Boise River Greenbelt and charming downtown sector. EcoSense Pest Control is delighted to provide Garden City with the best pest control services.

Hidden Springs Idaho Pest Control

Hidden Springs is a town in Idaho’s Ada County. With its distinctive neo-traditional style of architecture, this hidden gem of a community has a variety of insect issues, especially throughout the summer months and as winter approaches. EcoSense can assist you with pest control in your home in Hidden Springs; contact us today to get on the schedule!

Kuna Idaho Pest Control

The town name of Kuna may be derived from either “end of the trail” or “green leaf, good to smoke,” with a highly disputed origin story. Whichever it is, this region has expanded from 1,955 people in 1990 to over 24,000 today! Unfortunately, with development comes pests; Contact us today to have our professional technicians figure out the proper solution for your needs!

Middleton Idaho Pest Control

Middleton is a town in Canyon County, Idaho. Middleton, with its breathtaking natural setting and some unwelcome visitors – insects! The motto of Middleton is clear: “Life is better here” and EcoSense can help you maintain your home’s pest control year-round to ensure that!

Star Idaho Pest Control

Star is a city in Ada and Canyon County, Idaho, about 10 miles north of Nampa. It was given its name from the star on the schoolhouse that guided people east and west between Boise Island and Middleton. EcoSense can help you get whatever pest control service you require to preserve your family and home!

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